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Get Direct Beach Access Gracefully with The ASIS Beachlander RIB

Gracefully With The ASIS Beachlander RIB

The soon-to-be delivered 8.75M ASIS Boats Beachlander to a Luxurious Hotel in Costa Rica is ideal for hotels guests. The Beachlander RIB makes boating accessible to anyone to come onboard and enjoy a boat ride. As a result, it allows its users to reach the most remote areas and approach shallow waters in safety and comfort. Once the shore is reached, the users can walk down from the boat to the beach in all simplicity and dryness.

How a Beachlander Works its Magic:

The front bow lowers automatically allowing the passengers to just walk down from the boat directly to the shore gracefully and dry.

The benefit of owning an ASIS Beachlander is its multi-purpose usage by:

  • Resorts; where guests can be taken from the hotel to visit private beaches and creeks
  • People with special needs; as the wheelchair can be rolled on board
  • Divers; as they are diving into the water and embarking back safely thanks to the front bow that can be lowered away from engines and propellers
  • Swimmers and families; as the bow can be lowered into the water, using the electric hydraulic ram, to create a swim platform so they can better enjoy their journeys on their boat

Combining security and stability with comfort and speed, the ASIS Beach Lander has been designed for endurance and high performance in all sea conditions. Several different deck layouts are available with choice of console and seating and as any ASIS RIB, it can be fully customized according to your desires.

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