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Oil and Gas RHIBs Delivery to Saipem


ASIS Boats is proud to announce the delivery of three 8-meter Professional RHIB Boats to Saipem. These Boats will be operating offshore of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Custom built to the client’s specifications, these three Professional Oil and Gas RHIBs are constructed to suit their needs and to match with the requirements of the operating environment.

8m professional rhib boats for offshore platform
fiberglass rigid hull inflatable boats

These 8-meter Professional RHIBs are built with Fiber Glass Extra Reinforced hulls & 1670 Dtex hypalon Hyb Foam® tube, which is a special ASIS hybrid tube, comprised of a combination of closed cells memory foam and air; allowing redundancy and reducing the service requirement in order to increase productivity and minimize down time.

Before the delivery, every boat at ASIS is thoroughly tested. During the sea trials, these RHIBs performed admirably, a standard trait for all ASIS boats. These Oil and Gas RHIBs are designed to be driven efficiently in the roughest seas, and thus are certified under category “B” for offshore use with 15 passengers onboard.

With the imposed restrictions on the motorboats operating around and nearby offshore oil and gas platforms, these three Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats have been fitted with diesel engines. Two are powered by OXE Diesel outboards of 150Hp and the third boat is powered by a Yanmar 4LHA-DTZP Diesel engine paired with a Hamilton jet.

fiberglass rigid hull inflatable boats

In addition to the patented hypalon Hyb Foam® tube, these boats are featuring a single point lifting system installed at the center of gravity and connected to Henriksen safety release hook in order to launch and recover the boats to and from the platform easily, quickly and safely. For boarding operations and for personnel transfer, the boats have been equipped with front boarding steps with handrails.

The orange tube has non-skid ware protective patches all over it and braced with a reflective tape all around, perfect for light reflection and night operations, the hypalon tube has a triple line of protective rubber fenders.

Among the other options on the boats, folding diving ladders with platforms have been fixed to the stainless steel radar arch; which too is featuring a self righting bag, and carrying the radar dome, antennas, radar reflector, search lights and other…

ASIS is an advanced maritime solution provider. We turn ideas into reality, providing you with a solution to your most complex needs.

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